Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cleaner Harmony code, thanks to Microsoft!

Apache Harmony comprises well over half a million lines of native C/C++ code (in the class library natives, virtual machine, JIT compiler, memory manager, etc.) which we have organized to build across multiple platforms. One of our key development platforms is Microsoft Windows on x86 processors, and on that platform a number of us are using the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler from Visual Studio.

I have been using the compiler in Visual Studio .NET 2003 for the longest time, but we recently started receiving reports, on the Harmony developers' list, of compile time errors from people who have a later version of the compiler. We have fixed a few errors thanks to the bug reports people raised.

But I can fix them myself now thanks to Microsoft's port25 group who have graciously granted me, and a number of other people at the ASF, a no-cost subscription to Visual Studio Team Edition and MSDN Premiere. That's a license to 'all you can eat', and allows me to detect and fix more warnings in the Apache Harmony code. Expect the code to be buildable on more versions of the Microsoft compiler over the next few days.