Monday, July 02, 2007

G-WMAA cleared for take off

I live in Hampshire which, until yesterday, was the only remaining county in the UK that didn't have an air ambulance service. The service will be particularly useful to residents of the nearby Isle of Wight if they need emergency care only available on the mainland, as well as medical emergencies along the area's coast or in the county's broad rural areas.

Through the hard work of the staff and volunteers of the associated charity the Bolkow 105 aircraft has been bought (call sign G-WMAA) and has become operative. The charity needs £2,000 per day to keep the air ambulance aloft, and all of it is raised through community donations since the charity receives no money from the government.

This project has been particularly interesting to me. As a bit of an aircraft nut, and such a clear benefit to the community, I have been happy to contribute (in a very small way) to the challenge over the last couple of years. It's great to see the service finally get off the ground, literally.

I hope never to need the service, of course, and wouldn't wish the need on anyone; but accidents happen, and when they do we should provide the best service we can to help the unfortunate victims.

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