Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Two milestones for Apache Harmony

Apache Harmony recently passed two significant milestones.

Firstly, we published another in the series of stable, well-tested, and packaged builds of Harmony 5.0 code. The latest milestone build is 5.0 M6, and is available from the usual download page. This build has the usual raft of bug fixes and enhancements that means everyone should upgrade to the latest stable build.

Secondly, the Harmony community voted to accept a contribution of the microemulator code into the project. This is an exciting new venture for Harmony, as we expand our community into the Java ME arena. Microemulator is a pure Java implementation of Java ME written in terms of the Java SE APIs. It allows applications written as MIDlets (MIDP/CLDC) to run on the desktop as a standalone Java application, or as a web browser applet. It comes with tests and examples, and something intriguingly called 'microemu-android'. Go take a look.

[image courtesy of chelmsfordblue]

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