Tuesday, September 23, 2008

T-Mobile G1 (tm) with Google (tm) with Harmony

The Press Release is out, and T-Mobile G1 is officially launched. I'm delighted that T-Mobile are making the platform available in the US and Europe simultaneously.

Of course, the real difference is that unlike some other 3G /WiFi feature phones you can buy today, Android is a truly open platform built with software available under the Apache License. This makes it a real contender for businesses to invest their effort and value and compete.

The core class libraries come from Apache Harmony -- the same source that IBM are using for its server class certified Java offerings [>], and Sun Microsystems are using in their performance release [>]. It's a testament to the innovation and flexibility embodied in the Harmony project that the code can span from mainframe zSeries machines to mobile phones.

Interesting that the selling points for the phone are the applications it runs and how well they are integrated and adapted to the mobile device. I believe it will give the young incumbent a run for its money -- and that is good news for the consumer.

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