Thursday, April 02, 2009

Not so fast Dagastine

Earlier this week David Dagastine was quick off the mark reporting HotSpot as:

"the fastest, most reliable, and most widely deployed, open source Java Runtime in the world"
running on an Intel Nehalem. Unfortunately a bit too quick, since he didn't wait for the results to come in from IBM's J9 VM which posted a faster result as reported by Derek (who is, allegedy 8-10% better looking too)!

The HotSpot results were partially attributed to improvements in the class library, which David (when challenged by Mark Wielaard) tells us "need additional work to integrate into OpenJDK, but that work is in progress now" -- I assume that they are in the same queue as the TreeMap performance changes that are apparently in the process of being contributed back to Apache Harmony.

So today "Sun Java powered by the HotSpot Server VM" is not the fastest and not open source. Looks like some catching-up to do again.


David Dagastine said...

Hi Tim,
I understand and respect your opinions. I certainly don't take your comments personally. I do have a history of jumping into blog spats from time to time, hence my most recent reply to this entry. I have to say, my blog is getting quite the traffic form this!


tim said...

You are not disputing the 'better looking' part then ;-)


Anonymous said...

My dad can beat up your dad.

tim said...

Welcome to the world of performance benchmarking :-)

There is huge personal respect combined with a healthy dose of *technical* competition. Good for users.