Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apache and Eclipse Foundations' closer collaboration

The Apache Software Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation are continuing to build a mutually-respectful working relationship by jointly organizing a conference to be held in Hong Kong later this year.

OS Summit Asia 2007 is the first time the two open source software foundations have joined forces to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge spanning the foundations' common interests. Apache and Eclipse are generally considered to be particularly "business friendly" as their licenses are receptive to combining open source and proprietary code in software products.

In March, EclipseCon extended Apache committers a reduction to their conference registration fees equivalent to Eclipse's own committers. Eclipse 3.3 redistributes various Apache-developed code (like Apache Ant build system, Apache Jasper JSP engine, the Apache Lucene search engine, and so on), and Apache projects are free to redistribute EPL code in binary form.

The OS Summit Call for Participation invites talk submissions on Apache and Eclipse projects, issues facing the open source community, and experience reports. There are also plans for in-depth tutorials leading up the conference proper. The meeting will be held from November 26 - 30 at the Cyberport in the southern district of Hong Kong Island.

[Disclosure: I'm on the organizing committee for OSSummit]

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