Friday, June 01, 2007

My enemy's enemy is my friend

It is great to see changes have been made to the Final Draft of GPLv3 to make it compatible with the ALv2. There is now a 29 day public comment period before it is formally put into action.

Beyond the technical changes to the license, how encouraging it is to see the two foundations working through their issues with a determination to get to a mutually acceptable solution. Of course, there are fanatics on both sides, just as there are for any number of areas where people have a choice, and at times it is easy to forget that the similarities are far stronger than the differences.

Kudos to Cliff and Eben for helping drive this to a conclusion.

Let's hope that GPLv3 enjoys a wide adoption, and that people take the opportunity to look for new areas of collaboration made possible by an increased body of compatibly licensed code.

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